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The Teaching of Dao 2-通道 2  

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The Sun never lazy and never wake up late. The Earth never spins faster or slower. This is the natural law, the heaven and earth always on time. A good Karmic return is to mimic the natural law, never lazy and be on time! -This is Dao!

2,000 years ago Han Scholar Dong Zhong Xu warned about the devastating environment exploitation that could lead to disaster on earth. 

漢代董仲舒開啓了中國兩千年儒術獨尊的局面,也影響到歷代政治制度,曾發出關於要 【愛人類及鳥獸昆蟲莫不愛】的忠告. 天生萬物以養人,順應天,效法天及敬畏天. 至今嚴重污染損地球, 災將起宇氣候之憂, 菌殃突異之變. 天兆徙變因末法!蓋言積善好修行! 唯有修行積善避災! 董仲舒《天地陰陽》 ,下長萬物,上參天地.人何其貴者!

Confucianism versus Daoism

Confucianism was popularised by Confucius in the era of Spring and Autumn, dated back B.C 551-479. It was recorded in the history as a proper set of Ideology Thinking or Philosophy. Confucius had set the pace for education is for all not only confined or exclusively to the elite few and government officials at that time. His biggest contribution at that time was to let all human beings to have education as long as the desire to learn is burning. (教無類). 

The fundamental teaching of Confucian is about building inner as well as external values of a person, to interact harmoniously with people. Values such as filial piety, trustworthiness, etiquette and camaraderie are preached. The core context was built surrounding relationships between ruler and residence, between husband and wife and between father and son should be in a proper protocol and thus the virtues of benevolence, justice, etiquette, wisdom and trustworthiness should be in place (義禮智信).  

Confucianism differs from religions and Daoism in the context surrounding Universal, Science, Mother Nature and Society. Confucianism only placed emphasis on the eternal subjects such as human and social interaction. 

Daoism was popularised by Laotse at the late of Spring and Autumn era. At the beginning of Han era Daoism was termed as Dao De Jia (道德家). Beside Daoism, there were five more schools of thoughts mushroomed at that time, such as Confucianism, Mo Jia (), Ming Jia (), Fa Jia () and Yin Yang Jia (陰陽). The teaching of Daoism is the blending of these 5 others’ teachings and philosophy. The famous icons in the Daoism School are Laotse, Chuangtse, and Huang Lao sect. The main focal point was to build a stronger and healthy both body and mind to achieve longevity (治身) and thus rule a county (治國).

 Daoism places great emphasis on building a healthy body with less materialistic (輕物重身) while Confucianism building on better soul. Daoism does not directly believe that the Heaven () is with ‘intention’ but to go with the flow of Mother Nature-The Way of Dao (). Dao preaches Mother Nature more than any other schools. Laotse has further elaborated that Dao is the source of creation for universe and therefore is the main ruler for the Universe and its activities. Daoism was the pioneer in studying the concept of Universe and materials beings, this is the biggest contribution of Daoism to mankind. For simplicity sake please find below some of the Laotse teachings: One should uphold ‘nothingness’ (人要無為), weak is to avoid competing (柔弱就能謙下不爭) and Stupidity is to harness substance (愚魯就能棄華取實) 

Daoism stress the importance of life over material, fame and fortune should not be the ultimate goal for human beings. Fame and fortune is meaningless if one is living without the spirit of Dao.  

Western Han Historian Ser Ma Tan acknowledged that Taoist teaching has gathered other schools’ unique teaching as a blend and became the perfect school of though at that point on time.  


The Best Music is Silent, The Biggest Form is Imageless, The Biggest Square is without corners, The Biggest Utensil is 'void' or empty~! 


Confucianism Embedded De and Quest For Dao 


One should have an open mind to learn!


A Cat’s Loyalty

Wang’s father, a Jiang Ning County official, had a seventy-year-old concubine who adored cats and raised thirteen of them. She treated them as her own children and even gave each of them a name. They would come when she called them by name. In the year of Chien Long during the Ching dynasty, the old madam died. The thirteen cats surrounded her coffin with grief. They would not eat nor drink, three days later they all died! 

A Crippled Dog

This is a special dog. He moves very slowly. Take a close look, one leg is paralyzed. He must have been beaten for stealing food; we regard ourselves as the most intellectual beings in the universe and look down on dogs as animals. The dog is hurt because he is not a human being. That shows the cruelty if human-mind!

 Adopting Kittens

In the Tang dynasty, a family of Wang who lived in Bei-Ping had two cats and both had kittens at the same time. Unfortunately, one cat died right after giving birth to the kittens. The kittens still tried to suck on mother’s milk. The other cat was also feeding her kittens, She heard the cry of those orphans kittens and went searching for them, She found them nearly dead from hunger, She then took them one by one to her place and fed them like her own offspring. 

The Devoted Donkey

At he end of the Ming dynasty, a barbarian named Tzu Chen took over the Si Chuan Province with his tribes. The general of the Province had his entire family jump into a well followed by himself. It is said even servants must die for their country. It is considered patriotic behavior at that time. When the general and his family committed suicide, a donkey that belonged to the general was there as well and jumped into the well to follow its master! 

Making Right a wrong

We are not saints or sages. And no doubt we do make mistakes, just like a white cloth that gets dirty. WE must admit our mistakes and correct our wrong doings, just like we wash out the dirt on the cloth. As long as with kindness in our mind, everything that we touch in the universe will become beautiful. 

Treasure Life

Escape from a mundane place.

Look down on killing even more. Make a shirt from the fibers of lotus

The soft feeling on my skin is the same

Free the silkworms and free my sin

Pity them because each of them is a living being. 

Emerging Beauty

See the ugly restless worms but don't harm the larvae.

They become beautiful butterflies when the spring comes and add beauty to the sky. 

Instinct for survival

We all know the meaning of ‘cherish living things, and living things have a natural instinct for surviving’, Live stock flop helplessly when they see a butcher with a knife on his hand. Tears run down pigs’ faces when they hear a price has been offered on their heads. They all know well what fate is lying ahead. They can’t express their fear for they are speechless, not being able to communicate to humans. 

Returning a Favor

Long ago there was a farmer who lived in a rural area of Hwa-Jung County. One day a big elephant lied down on the yard and it looked to be in great pain.  The farmer found a big wooden stick stuck in its foot, He tool out the stick and took good care of the wound. After the wound was healed, the elephant carried the farmer and went to the mountains to dig out the previous ivory for the man as a returned favor. The farmer realized that the elephant was showing its gratitude for helping out. 

Release the fish

Lee Chun Yuan was just about to kill a fish. At a flash, he recalled a dream, which he had the night before. A conservatively dressed woman said to him: ‘I am carrying over five thousands babies in my abdomen, If I am alive, they will be alive: if I die, they will all die. Please have mercy on me and let me be!’ Lee Chun Yuan let the fish and decided never to kill again, not too long after, he found a precious pearl in the river stream.


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