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The Teaching of Dao 5-通道5  

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Watch what you do and say you could be tested!

Straight Yang mentoring Pure Yang正陽渡純陽

During at drinking session at Chang An, Lu Ju or Pure Yang Lu was tested by Straight Yang Chung Le Chuen 10 times before taking him in as disciple and subsequently became immortal.


Test 1:One day Lu Ju came back from work and found out that his loved one was in serious sickness, without sadness or remorse, he started to prepare the dress and coffin necessary for burial, but later his loved one revived and lives on, Lu Ju is without sadness or joyous feeling.


Test 2:Lu Ju was selling stuff at a market and there came a buyer to bargain with him, after agreeing on the price, Lu Ju handed him the stuff but the buyer refused to pay in full and the walked away. Lu Ju would not bother to let him walk away.


Test 3:On the first day of lunar calendar, Lu Ju met with a beggar, after giving some monies, the beggar kept asking for more and threw vulgar words at him, Lu Ju left the scene with a smile. 


Test 4:   Lu Ju was once a shepherd; during his tenure a hungry tiger was eyeing to snatch the goats under his care. Lu Ju protected the goats by sending them down to the hillside and stood in front of the Tiger, the hungry tiger was at awe to see this and left the place without hurting Lu Ju.


Test 5:Lu Ju was studying at a small hut on a mountain and suddenly a beautiful and gorgeous lady came by and asking for a night to rest since she was lost. That night, this beautiful lady was flirting and trying to get Lu Ju to have sex, but Lu Ju was untouched by such temptation. 


Test 6: One day Lu Ju came back and saw his house was burglarized and lost all his belongings, without throwing temper and showing sign of anger he started to work on his farm, suddenly as he dug further on the ground he found countless of precious gold, without greed he uncovered the earth without taking a single piece of the gold. 


Test 7:Lu Ju bought some bronze utensils at a market and upon returning to home, he realized all the utensils were gold made and he immediately returned to the seller. 


Test 8: A madness Taoist was selling medicine, telling people that such magic potion will let you die immediately and become immortal. No one would dare to try but Lu Ju bought and tried the potion but nothing happened to him. 


Test 9: A river was elevated due to heavy rain, Lu Ju and some other passengers were on a boat crossing the river, while reaching the middle path, the weather was getting from bad to worse, all the passengers except Lu Ju were nervous and worried. Lu Ju took life easy and never worried about life and death! 


Test 10:Lu Ju was alone at home and suddenly weird things had happened, ghost and monsters were killing each other and wanted to do the same to Lu Ju, without fear Lu Ju kept on doing his chaos without paying attention to them. Another group of devils with blood all over tried to take Lu Ju’s life away by saying to Lu Ju that he owed his previous life to him since in past life Lu Ju took his life. Without any fear Lu Ju said ‘go ahead and take my life since I took yours in past life, this is fair and square!’ All of the sudden the sky turned blue and those ghost and devils were disappeared while looking and laughing at him was Straight Yang Chung Le Chuen. (Who happened to be his Master and Mentor in Taoist teaching) 


These 10 tests proved that Lu Ju is a pure and dignity person and Master Chung is very satisfied and happy to take Lu Ju to Nan San Her Ling to pass his secret of life and subsequently formed a ‘Chung Lu Golden Dan’ sect of school. But Lu Ju was not too found on the secret and instead change his formula for inner peace and benefits more human beings; many until today practiced such path to immortals. This is his major effort and contribution. He helped many to walk the right path and improve the health as well as living condition of many! 




The Life of Lu Ju呂祖洞賓的生平

Lu Dong Bin with surname Lu name Yan (姓呂名岩), words Dong Bin (字洞賓), with ‘official’ name Chun Yang (Pure Yang) (號純陽子) called himself the Person Retuned to Dao (自稱回道人). He was born in Tanghe County’ Wing-lok District (唐河中府永樂縣). He had the ambition to become immortal since childhood. He’d lived a normal and frugal life.  He’d failed couple times in the Chang An imperial examination. One day he was awaken by “Huang Liang Dream’. In his dream, he dreamt that he had a perfect life with two wives and luxury living but one day due to his single mistake, the King killed his whole family and he was being chased after by a troop. He then realised the meaning of life and gave up his status to follow Master Chung to become a full Daoism. He practised Dao in Nan Shan Her Ling (南山鶴嶺) together with Master Chung and subsequently became one of the 8 immortals (Deities) in the Chinese History. He had and still has a mega ambitious that is to educate people by eliminating bad karmic via training of both mind and body (通曉修行性命之道) 

 (Series from "Taoist Culture Library" page道教文化資料庫) 

9 Virtues of Master Lu Ju Chun Yang呂純陽祖師之九美德

Loyalty, Filial piety, Frugal, Moral integrity, Righteousness, Trustworthiness, Benevolence, Merciful, Manner

「忠」Loyalty in your duty and to perform your duty wholeheartedly. 

「孝」Respect your elderly through right and proper attitude in order to let them feel comfort.  

「廉」To cultivate the value of frugality , love yourself by not hurting yourself and others and to live a simple life 

「節」Morally up hold oneself by not letting yourself indulge in lust and vice activities.  

「義」To up hold justice and never bias in any conditions. 

「信」To create thrust is to create workable relationship and communication and never unilaterally change an agreement. 

「仁」Love not only human beings but the nature that gives us life. 

「惠」To create advantages to community and party involved. 

「禮」Etiquette with right set of manner with both mind and attitude.  

3 Treasures 三寶 

Dao De Ching chapter 67 mentioned: firstly, compassion () with loving attitude, secondly, thrift or frugal () to live a simple life and third do not undermine the Mother Nature (不敢為天下先) by your ego and try to live a humble life.



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