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The best locations

Friday, January 14, 2011 

Which are the best places to live and work in Hong Kong?

The following listing is the result of my years of experience learning from various masters and reading ancient books and scriptures.

Enter the dragon of Hong Kong! 

In order for readers to understand the formation of a meridian point, we must first understand that the main trunk of a dragon terrain or body originates from the Kun Lun Mountains or the Himalayas and the southern dragon ends in Hong Kong. 

The first dragon emerges via Shenzhen's Wu Tong San to Hung Fa Leng. Quite interestingly we found a unique and special tomb there inscribed in ancient text called Le San. This tomb is very rare in the world, let alone in Hong Kong.  

Why does HSBC headquarters have best site? 

The bank is located in the focal point of the five-dragon breath, and its harnessing of kind energies is unavoidable. The five dragons are Victoria Peak, Lung Fu Shan, High West Hill, Mount Gough and Mount Kellet. 

IFC versus the stock exchange 

Another point in fung shui is the stability of dragon breath. Exchange Square One and Two are located in such a locale that will benefit them in the long run due to that particular reason. One and Two IFC just miss this point, therefore, their current glory will be short- lived due to the instability of the dragon breath. 

Why is Times Square so busy? 

To my knowledge, no book or fung shui master has ever explained why Times Square is so busy and expensive. So here you go, you get the first insight. 

You may have heard the jargon left dragon, right tiger, rear xuanwu, front zhuque (rose finch), but do not know the meaning. Here's the secret: where the lines form a cross, there the best site can be found. 

In this case, draw a line from Victoria Peak to Braemar Hill and from Mount Nicholson to Beacon Hill.  

See where it crosses? Times Square. 

Quote of the week: Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.


Your fortune in 2011

Friday, December 31, 2010 

Last week, I wrote about the ones who will get lucky in the Year of the Rabbit.

I will now focus on the ones who will need to guard against an inauspicious year.  

Every year, the cosmic changes between Sky and Earth dictate the amount of energy that permeates all living beings on this planet.  

This energy is unique some may find it favorable while others may not. 

Such energy is beneficial to some but may have the opposite effect on others. It could influence our paradigms and, therefore, our actions and confidence level.

Group Three: Not so Favorable in 2011 

People who were born between February 4 and March 3 will feel lethargic and be constantly on the move the whole year round. Such unbeneficial energy is like swimming against the flow. But hang on, as things will turn out fine, especially in the autumn.

Group Four: Not affected at all in 2011 

People who were born from March 4 to May 3 will not feel any unfavorable effects this year, as he or she will continue to enjoy the fruits of last years labor. This group of people is the most stable, as many are government staff or have been working in organizations for a long time. 

Group Five: The most unlucky group of all 

People who were born from May 5 to August 7 are the most unlucky since the strong Fire energies being ignited by Wood create unwanted and excess Fire to drain away your energy and ability. I normally advise this group of people to take a break, scale down, slow down their pace, spend more time with the family and, if circumstances warrant, go back to school or take some interesting short courses to upgrade.  

Let us make 2011 a better year for all living beings, with the right frame of mind, attitude, love for family and friends.  

Cherish every moment you have. Be prepared for the bad times when you are having good times and when confronting predicaments, tell yourself there is always light at the end of the tunnel. 

Quote of the week: Do not judge me when your heart is uglier than mine.


A year of tension

Friday, December 24, 2010 

Good or bad 2011? Check it out yourself.

The official Year of the Rabbit begins on February 4. Two characters, Stem and Branch, represent each Chinese calendar year. 

This coming year the Chinese Stem and Branch is San Rabbit, or Golden Rabbit, which will bring the stock market to a high level.  

This has been the year of natural disasters, and next year will be punctuated by human-made disasters. Tensions between countries will escalate, and China will have to decide who are its friends and foes. Food shortages will continue to push up prices. 

The move to the Tamar site is detrimental to our government; and there will be massive change in government personnel, officials and ministers. 

Who cares about politics anyway? Let us examine our own path for clues.  

Each individual will experience his or her own destiny uniquely, but I will give my calculation based on month of birth, which carries 50 percent weight on life-pillars (according to Chinese birth calculations), which is rather significant.

Group One: Most Favorable Group in 2011 

People born between August 8 and November 9, congratulations. This is the most favorable group of all.  

This group is heavy in Metal, and to strike a balance you need Wood.  

In order for Metal to slice your Wood for the ignition of Fire, such a combination is required in accordance with the life pillar formula. 

This combination radiates good energy to your advantage. This group of people will feel secure, happy and content during 2011.

Group Two: Second Favorable Group in 2011 

People born from November 10 to February 3 do not face a bad year as the Wood of Tiger will provide a source to create Fire to your advantage.  

Such radiation of kind energies provides warmth and security during 2011. 

Next week, I will focus on the not- so-favorable groups.  

Quote of the week: To become a spectator of one's own life is to escape the suffering of life.


Let freedom reign

Friday, December 10, 2010 

In this final part of my exposition on the need for a fung shui association, I throw a question to my readers: do fung shui items really exist?

One can buy and obtain items or ornaments related to fung shui on almost every street corner in Hong Kong.  

Items such as crystal, ancient coins, ingots, water fountains and many others have been used for fung shui purposes by many Chinese people since ancient times.  

But do you know if these items really work? Or for that matter, is there such a thing as a fung shui item? The answer may be a surprise to many: No. 

I have been studying and practicing fung shui for the past 14 years and have never found any mention of fung shui items in any ancient scriptures or books.  

They are used in Taoist practice, though, to modify the aura of a house or a person.  

But they must be used in accordance with need and with permission from the deities or gods in the form of a fu, or a yellow piece of paper with Taoist magic symbols.  

The fu has to be written by a qualified Taoist master, who has to recite the proper incantation into the fu.  

This insertion of powerful words is important for the fu to function properly.  

Normally such a fu is tailormade for a particular person at a particular time.  

In ancient days, such practices were meant to fend off evil spirits. 

If you followed my three-part argument closely, you will have understood by now that our 5,000-year-old Chinese heritage is being exploited by certain groups of people for personal gain. 

Such practices are unwarranted as Chinese metaphysics should be based on a principle of laissez-faire and allowed to grow naturally. 

Quote of the week: Love is forgiving and love is for giving.


Let a thousand schools bloom

Friday, December 03, 2010 

In the second part of my response to the issue of uniting the various fung shui schools in Hong Kong under one umbrella body, I will look at the difficulties of any attempt to do so.

As I have indicated in the first part, the motive for any such move is unclear as only a few practitioners would profit. 

Chinese metaphysics can be covered under five categories: mountains, medical, life reading, facial and predictive tools. They should go hand in hand. 

In fung shui alone, there are more than eight schools of thought, each with their own mission, ideology, unique strategies and tactics.  

It is well nigh impossible to unify the schools due to their differing histories, cultures, standards and organizations.  

Traditional fung shui methodologies were passed on from generation to generation for two main reasons. In ancient times fung shui tools were meant exclusively for the use of imperial rulers - ordinary people were prohibited from learning and possessing such tools and knowledge in any form. Often, such knowledge was taught orally and was treated as a closely guarded secret.  

Secondly, since such a powerful tool could be used to discern the future, responsible masters would not have public classes but instead taught it in private to only a select few.  

Fung shui is a natural science, like Taoism, which should be allowed to mature over time. This is the eternal Tao. In years to come, more and more secrets will surface to help not only the individual but countries as well. Generally, a good fung shui, or life reading, master is always found through word of mouth. Therefore an umbrella organization, as has been proposed, is unwarranted and unnecessary. 

Thought of the week: Liberate your mind and you liberate your world. 

Kerby Kuek has published three books on fung shui. He specializes in yin and yang fung shui, I-Ching, life analysis and astrology. Website: www.misterfengshui.com


Complexity clouds proposals

Friday, November 26, 2010 

Recently I have been interviewed by many prominent reporters, including one from The New York Times, asking my opinion on the formation of the Fung Shui Association.

The recent commotion created in the industry following the Nina Wang case and malpractices by certain Taoist sects of Mao Shan related to tax evasion, molestation, sex seduction and other cases has put fung shui in the limelight.  

This is a typical example of one bad apple ruining the whole basket.  

It is common sense to say that if these are civil or criminal cases, we ought to call the police. 

Society has authority figures to settle such cases and we do not need an association to govern Chinese metaphysics. Indeed, who has the right to govern our biggest Chinese heritage, namely Chinese metaphysics? 

The rationale behind the formation of such an association is simply commercial; specifically to promote those in the association and help them harness the rapidly growing market in the mainland. Of course, the organization is charging handsomely for membership. 

Who is running the association? The current standing of the personnel running such an organization is questionable. How and why they set the industry standard is in doubt. 

Those who study and learn the craft will know that to understand Chinese metaphysics is a complex issue - let alone the complexity involved in setting standards to govern it.  

To my knowledge, there are eight traditional fung shui schools. They are not on good terms with each other because of conflicting methodologies as well as differing basic beliefs. As such, to set standards for the industry is impossible.  

From the eastern Han to the Song era, the variation of different techniques and schools was obvious. It varied from era to era and dynasty to dynasty in accordance with time and space.  

This is clearly a time and space issue in which certain techniques must be working in certain periods of time and not in other times.  

Such complex issues would lead us to wonder how they are going to run the organization if basic questions - such as who is qualified to set the standards, and who is going to set the requirements for member entry - cannot be answered.  

In my view, until these questions and uncertainties are addressed, the current proposals are merely hype for some to ride for more publicity and self promotion. 

Quote of the week: Real true generosity is doing something nice for someone who will never find out.

Live with passion! 

(features in Hong Kong Standard Newspaper every Friday) 

Kerby Kuek has published three books on fung shui. He specializes in yin and yang fung shui, I-Ching, life analysis and astrology.  

Website: www.misterfengshui.com

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