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Article 1

Exclusive Discovery by Xuan Kong Zhang Pai's Grand Master Lau- The Earthly Branch Adoption Methodology-

The status of The Heavenly Stem Adoption Theory in the history of Metaphysics

‘Solar and Lunar mutually orbiting and as a result Bagua is emerges; male and female imposing each other, soft, hard, static and dynamic become a norm’ this is the core of the moon location and time!  The late Jin Fang ‘Heaven and Earth Kin and Kwan Kuas, benefiting from Kap Yuet Yam Kwai, Chan Shun Kuas adopt Kang and San, Ham and Lei Kuas adopt Mou Kei, Kan Tui Kuas adopt Peng Ding’. East Han Wei Pai Yang’s ‘Can Tong Qi’ mentioned ‘At the 3rd day of lunar month, Chan is affected by Kang in the west, on the 8th day Tui is affected by Ding, the first ¼ quarter of moon (neap tide) is flat like a rope. 15th of Kin Kua is full moon located in the east that is full of toads and rabbits. Implying the seasonal and periods changes with certain cosmic scenarios. On the 16th Shun Kua adopts San, on the last ¼ of the moon, 23rd day of lunar month, Kan adopts South Peng. On the last day on lunar month Kwan adopts Yuet. Yam and Kwai match with Kap and Yuet and things are in cycle again and repeat itself.’ 

San Guo Lu Fan’s  ‘Lunar Adopts Kap’ ‘ at the dusk of 3rd day of each month, the Chan Kua (location) emerges at Kang (time), on the 8th day the Tui Kua will be seen at Ding. On 15th of lunar month, Full moon of Kin Kua will be seen at Kap (location), on the 16th day dawn Shun Kua adopts San, on the 23rd day Kan adopts Peng, Kwan adopts Yuet, with Ham adopts Mou an Lei Kua adopts Kei’ 

In the era of North Song, Chu Chen’s Heavenly Stem Adoption method uses the ‘Combined 10’ in Bagua to explain such theory. He uses the 10 days diagram to dictate the early days Bagua locations, which is influenced by Shao Yong’s early days diagram. The 55 heavenly and earthly numerology. This rigid matching of Shao Yong rational of Kap (1), Yuet (2), Peng (3), Ding (4), Mou (5), Kei (6), Kang (7), San (8), Yam (9) and Kwai (10), with Kin adopts Kap (1) and Yan (9), Kwan adopts Yuet (2) and Kwai (10), Chan adopts Kang (7), Ham adopts Mou (5), Lei adopts Kei (3) and Tui adopts Ding (4), Kan adopts San (8) can’t seem to put into practical framework and for further development. Later, many scholars found this rigid explanation can’t be explained in reality let alone the applications; the unexplainable Kuas and numbers further complicate this. I think critics are a bit harsh on this. 

The Bagua creation and generation is the result of the Solar and Lunar movements. In scientific analogy this is none other than the position of the lunar (location) and the time of the Kua being formed.  Some critics think this is not acceptable and some even think this is ridiculous. This newly debatable topic is not something new and can be traced back to the Sang Zhou Oracle encrypted information on Lunar’s movements. This latest discovery is the result of the hard work and precisions details from our ancestors. 

The late Jin Fang had already implanted the Early and Later Bagua information in the Kuas? Let’s re-examine this hypothetical theory in more simpler terms and analogy.    

In the year 2008 of period eight, “Lunar Earthly Branch Adoption Theory’ once again is glorified. 

Kin adopts Kap and Yan, Kwan adopts Yeut and Kwai, Kan adopts Peng, Tui adopts Ding, Ham adopts Mou, Lei adopts Kei, Chan adopts Kang, Shun adopts Shan, Yan and Kwai set at Kin and Kwan. 5-elements mutually create and destruct each other, with the earthy branch set as first Yao (first line out of six lines in a full set of Kua) in Kin Kua is Che (Rat), Chan internal Kua sets as Che (Rat), Ham Kua sets as Yan (Tiger), Kan Kua sets as Shan (Dragon), Kwan Kua first Yao sets as Mei (Goat), Shun Kua sets as Chou (Ox), Lei Kua sets as Mao (Rabbit), Tui Kua sets as Ji (Snake). In retrospect such matching of 5-elements and Earthy Branches into Kuas are interrelated. Other implying in connections with Lue Li (an ancient pitch-pipes-basically the musical temperament), that consist of 6 Yang Lue and 6 Yin Li, Jin’s Yi placed emphasis on the Bagua with Yin and Yang, six locations with the matching of 5 elements. ‘The changes of Lue Li resulted the 60 combinations of tones, while the changes of Bagua resulted the emergence of 64 Kuas.’  This breakthrough of 2,000 years’ mystery of Bagua Earthly Branch Adoptions Theory is none other than the lunar movements in accordance to the progressive period of time: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Roster, Dog, Boar.  In the third month of 2008 Xuan Kong Zhang Pai has repeatedly published the Earthly Branch Adoption Theory in relation to the Lunar and Bagua at least 4 times. The relationship between the Early and Later Bagua has rebutted critics with proven and vivid evidences.

Grand Master Lau-Xuan Kong Zhang Pai Founder 

Translated by Mr Kerby Kuek, The First Disciple of Master Lau 












Article 2

Xuan Kong Zhang Pai-The War Strategies of 5 Stars

Cosmic carries signs while earth dictates forms, the 28-stars (lunar mansions planet) in the skyline is divided 12 times, sets as 12 earthly branches’ hours and 12 earthy branches. The cosmic stars dictate the time while the earth in the form of geography or topography. The cosmic has 5- Stars while earth consists of 5-Elements. The interaction of cosmic, human and earth carry signals that can be decoded by numerology. The movements of 5–elements influence human beings. Traditionally, predictive tools were used unilaterally to avoid the unkind energies but seldom if not none were used to harness the kind energies. In order to counter the fear of the unknown especially in the battlefield ancient scholars created many versions of predictive tools. Tolls such as Day Divine tool, Month Divine tool, Star Divine tool, Five Stars Divine tool, Meteor Divine tool, all in all are utilizing the changes of star’s location as well as the trajectory, with mechanism such as combine, reserve, clockwise, anticlockwise, incubate, appear, weak, abundance, to determine the outcomes (wealth and health, fame and fortune) of a person journey of life or quality of life. Ancient Saying ‘As yearly star forms a corner that signifies enemy is approaching and that creates concern to the war minister, as the star forms many corners, every army will have to worry.’ ‘5 stars’ diagonal angles, four sequential patterns of periods, as a result clouds become your enemy, gutsy and cold weather weaken your strength, at the end hunger and health strikes.’ 

In the year 2008 of period 8, Xuan Kong Zhang Pai is formed with the principle to help our community. This time we will reveal the technique to public. The interactions of human beings with 5-Stars together with 5-Elements have critical impacts on our life paths. That dictates our quality of life. This unprecedented revelation is to harness the kind energies to our advantage and avoid unkind energies that might bring catastrophe. 

5 stars are the Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth respectively. The Metal is also known as “Tai Pak’, The Water is known as “Shen Star’, Wood is the ‘Sui Star’ while Fire is the ‘Yen Star’ and last but not least the Earth is known as ‘Chan Star’. Ancient scholars relate such 5 Stars as The King’s Five Orders. In which will dictate and impact the King’s command. 

‘Sui Star’ is wood element with the eastern virtue, the soul of a ‘green dragon’ (normally represent the area of the left side of a house). It has the value of benevolence; it also represents the spring season, day heavenly stems of Kap and Yuet, earthly branches of Tiger and Rabbit. Blossom in spring, steady in summer, and weak in fall while incubates in winter. Strong in east location, with hiccups in South, kaput in the West and recuperates in the North. While trapped in the four storages (implying these particular months) of Dragon, Dog, Ox and Goat. It also represents Chan Kua, liver, foot, sound, and buttocks and stokes related illness.  

‘Yen’ fire star sets as south that signifies the soul of ‘rose finch’ (normally represent an area in front of a house). It carries the value of ‘respect or filial’, it also represents summer season, Peng and Ding day stems, horse and snake earthy branches. Incubates in spring, strong in summer, kaput in the fall and trap in winter. That is also true with sectors. In the east sector fire recuperates, strong in the south, kaput in the west and trap in the north. While rather competitive in the months of Dragon, Dog, Ox and Goat. It also represents Lei Kua, heart and eyes. 

‘Chan’ earthstar sets as central, the soul of ‘Au Chan’ (normally in the center of a site). It carries the value of ‘trust’. It also represents the last month of each quarter of end seasons. It is the Mou Kei day stems and earthy branches of dragon, dog, ox, and goat (or the 4 storages). It is the Kwan Kua and represents lower abdominal, torso, flesh, fingers, bones, nose and back. 

‘Tai Pal’ metal star represents the west sector, the spirit of white tiger (normally represent right side of a site). It carries the value of justice. It represents the fall season, Kang and San day stems, and Monkey and Roster earthy branches. Metal is kaput in the spring, trap in summer, strong in fall and competitive in the winter. Kaput in the east sector, trap in the south, strong in the west while competitive in the north. It represents Kin Kua, head, lung, tongue, army and brutalism. 

‘Shen Star’ is water in the North. It is the soul of ‘Xuan Wu’ (normally represent the rear of a site). It has the value of wisdom or wit. It is also the day stems of Yam and Kwai, Boar and Rat earthly branches. It is competitive in spring, kaput in summer; recuperate in fall and strong in winter. Water is competitive in east sector, kaput at south; rejuvenate in west while stay strong and firm in the north. But water trap in the 4 storages month of dragon, goat, ox and goat. It represents the Ham Kua, ears, blood and kidney. 

To harness the energies from your best element, that particular star needs to travel across your house’s skyline and you should view the star from your living or bedrooms. Get software in the market that shows such movements of stars. You will be able to find out and tracks the movements of such stars and with luck it might travel across your house. Try this one for size; if your favourable element were Wood, then your directions of the movements of such star in the east, southwest and north would be to your advantages. If such star movement is in the west or south then it should be avoided. During spring season in the day of Kap and Yuet if such star in the skyline of east or north then you will be able to get the most desirable result. Likewise if such element is unfavourable to you than a devastating impact might take you to the cleaners! 

Grand Master Lau

Translated by Mr Kerby Kuek, The First Disciple

大弟子 Kiu Fung 英語翻譯                                      


在天成象,在地成形,天之二十八宿,分為十二次.在地十二辰,分屬十二支.上對天時下對地理,天有五星,地有五行,凡天地人皆有象可考,有形有數,人稟五行氣,在預測術之中可顯可推.而預測術只僅僅能告知則避凶,不能催吉,古往今來先賢創造無數的占卜術有日占,月占,星占,五星占,流星占,皆以星相及運行軌跡之變化,,,,,,,,,以示人間的福德禍害.如經云:「歲星入角天下有兵,將相有憂,凡加角,將將憂」. 「五星錯度,四序愆期,雲霧昏冥,風寒慘裂,兵飢疾疫」. 


五星者金水木火土,金星古稱太白,水星又名辰星,木星又名歲星,火星又名熒星,土星又名鎮星.古人稱五星是上帝之五使,「稟神受命,各司下土」, 「五星者五行之精也,五帝之子行於列舍,施恩布德」. 








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