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The Teaching of Dao 4-通道 4  

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What Thunder?

In my previous article I had mentioned that different eras had different first month of the year, for example in the era of Chou () the first month begins with the month of Rat (), Yan and Shang eras (殷商) with Ox () as first month while during Xia era () until now with Tiger as first month. This unique calendar system is based on the lunar and solar movements that reflect on earth, however, such system mechanism were dictated by the ruler of that particular time. Let us examine one important Gua.

De Le Fu Gua (地雷復), one of the 64 Guas that looks like this:

(As you may know that the - - represents Yin while – represents Yang, we termed these as Yaos ()

As you may see that the bottom Yao begins with a Yang while the other five are Yin Yaos. This in fact is the Winter Arrival (冬至) of the Year and Ancient Chinese termed this the beginning of a Yang Yao (冬至一陽生). In a more scientific explanation, the earth is receiving the Sun light via the earth center gradually.

This can also explain that the bottom three Yaos Gua (also known as inner Gua) is Thunder Gua (地雷) with the top three Yao (also known as outer Gua) is Kwan Gua (坤卦) or Earth, the combination of Earth and Thunder resulted De Le Fu Gua (地雷復),as this further imply that in this Ancient Calender we would have 8 different Gua associated with Thunder in other words we have 8 different types of Thunder. See below:

Each Month is ascribed with a Gua

The Ancient Chinese had long understood the movement of planets that relate to time and space such concept can be explained by(陰消陽長) Yin Subsides while Yang Dictates. Moon and Sun mutually orbiting, day and night of Universal created heaven and earth which resulted in rain, thunder, wind and etc thus such concept is incorporated and represented by the Gua energies (卦氣) in simpler term Yin and Yang keep exchanging until the state of equilibrium is reached. What ever goes up must come down and what ever hit the bottom will bounce back. 

First Six Months of Yang Guas

As mentioned early De Le Fu Gua (地雷復) also represent the month of Rat()) while the changes in the first two Yaos in the inner Gua resulted in the Lin Gua (地澤臨), the month of Ox ()  

The Changes on the first three Yaos of inner Gua resulted as De Tin Tai (地天泰) which is month of Tiger ()  

The subsequent changes in the first four Yaos resulted in Lei Tian Da Zhuang (雷天大壯), which is the month of Rabbit ()  

The changes on the first five Yaos resulted in the following gua, the diagram pretty much explain itself. The last Yin Yao in this month represent the Dragon month ()

We have come to the important Gua of all Yang, this is termed pure Yang Gua (純陽), This can be explained why during the summer Yang energy is at its peak and resulted long day lights. This is the traditional forth month of lunar calendar or Snake. ()

The above 6 months are Yang month while the following 6 months are Yin months. See below. 

The Other 6 Yin Months of Yin Guas

We have come to the Summer Arrival(夏至) with the born of first Yin Yao at the bottom or inner Gua. (夏至一陰生). This scenario can be explained by the fact that the Sun is changing it course to South that such impact is descending. Such Gua represent the month of Horse (午月)   

The power of Yin energy is increasing and as a result the following Gua is form. We can see that the changes in first two Yaos is the month of Goat (未月), which is the 6 month of the Lunar year.  

The subsequent month is Monkey with the following Gua (申月) or the seventh month of Lunar calendar.  

This is the month of Rooster or the eight month of Lunar Calendar.  

The ninth month of Dog (戌月) Month is represented here.  

The full Yin Gua is Kwan Gua and that will go on as cycle of event! This is the 10th month of Lunar Calendar or the month of Boar (亥月)  

The day time activities on normal course in greater than at night, this is the natural way of life and at night we need to rest in the Yin environment. (日出而作, 日入而息) that eluded us to the 12 News Guas. And these 12 News Guas are the phenomena of Yin Subsides and Yang dictates and vice versa and the circle begins all over again.

12 News Guas 十二消息卦/辟卦

The importance of the 64 Guas formation is expressing the message of Yin subsides and Yang on the rise, the 12 news Guas or the above mimic the same message, we can see that the left half round of the 64 Guas with 6 Yang Guas of Fu, Lin, Tai, Da Chuang大壯, Kui, Kin, and the next 6 Yin Guas on the right are Kuo, Dun, Pei, Koon, Mok, and Kwan are combined as 12 is the essence of Jing Fang ideology to use the number 6 as base. The Jing Fang 6 Sons Guas (六子卦氣) energies are again using the number 6 as catalyst. Changes are the core message that one can find here. In the Chun Chiu era, Jing Fang also changed the 12 tones to 60 tones (musical temperament) using the gyrate theory. The Lok Shu numbers divided into two paths and gyrate six times to make up a total of 64 Guas. The two paths that mutually gyrate and resulted in with Kwan creates 6 Guas and Kin Gua creates 6 Guas as well that add up to become 12 Guas. And these 12 News Guas are the phenomena of Yin Subsides and Yang dictates and vice versa and the circle begins all over again. This is the Jing Fang round table imperative message. The 12 news Guas resulted from the Lok Shu numbers gyrating are the mainstream identical to human body 12 main bloodstreams. That will dictate the whole body’s function. During the gyration period, Kin will not use Ham and Kwan will not use Lei and that is in line with the natural course of Mother Nature. 

The Heavenly Scripture and Earthly Justice & 5 Elements

To begin with I must said Chinese direct translation into English context would lose its core essence but I will try my best and should there be any lost in transition please pardon my ignorant. Such text below was written long ago by Dong Chong Shu, a scholar in Western Han era in regards to 5 elements and the word filial. The 5 elements creation from water breeds wood, wood creates fire, fire breeds earth, earth creates metal and metal creates water and that cycle goes on and on to repeat itself. Such creation lead us to the father and son relationship that is unique, whereby son must show the respect and loyalty to father and mutually would have to obligation of teach and learn respectively. As such the end result would breed filial towards parents! 


董仲舒: 天有五行, 就是木, , , , . 木產生火, 火產生土, 土產生金, 金產生水, 水產生木, 水與冬季相對應, 金與秋季相對應, 土與季夏相對應., 火與夏季相對應, 木與春季相對應. 春主管孳生, 夏主管長大, 季夏管養育, 秋主管收穫, 冬主管貯藏.. 由以上五行相生, 五時相酊滬麮z可以說明, 凡是父親所生育的, 他的兒子就有責任使它長大; 父親培育大的, 兒子要繼續扶養; 父親所扶養的, 兒子就要使它成熟. 大凡父親的作為, 他的兒子都要面竣U來並且繼續照著下去, 不敢不努力去實現父親的意願, 竭盡做人的基本道理. 因此所謂五行, 也就是五種德行. 父傳子受, 這是上天定下的為人之道. 所謂 《孝經》 中說孝是天的常經, 地的大義! 

The Three ‘H’s in Ancient Chinese World- Heaven and Human Harmony

Western Han Scholar Dong Ching Shu in his mega publication of Chun Qiu Fan Lu (春秋繁露)wrote in great length in regards to The Heaven and Human interact action (天人感應), among others, such rational eluded to the Harmonization of such interaction and any deviation of such would violate such cohesiveness.  

Only Human and Heaven (Cosmic) would interact because of Human intelligence. Human would have 366 minor bones that would match 366 days a year, while 12 major bones would relate or match 12 months in a year. Our flesh match the earth’s surface while our blood stream matches the rivers, ocean and mountains. Human’s mood of happiness would match the summer day, anger match cloudy day or autumn, joyful relate to spring while grief would relate to winter.   Our inner body with Wu Zhang (5 major organ systems) would relate to Wu Xin (5 elements) while four limps would match four seasons.  This is rather systematically approach of our ancient wisdom, in future when anyone condemns that Chinese Culture is superficial and superstitious, you can look at him or her and said quietly that ‘ignorant is not bliss’! The concept of Yin and Yang also embedded in our lives, such as when we wake up in the morning we see the sun coming out (Yang) while we go to sleep when the night is dark (Yin). Woman is Yin while Man is Yang; the sky is Yang while the earth is Yin! 

Ancient Chinese would come out with all sorts of predictive tools because fear of the unknowns and often the results are either auspicious or inauspicious, in a more concrete approach, unkind energy that generated is often the violation of the cosmic or natural law while the kind energy that inherited is the result of natural flow of energy! In simple form auspicious would have the new definition of natural flow of energy while the inauspicious is the violation of the natural law! The violation of the Human and Heaven interaction! That is why Chinese emphasis greatly on the word filial, filial is not only the word respect for parents or elderly per se, it means more than that to respect the mother nature and learn to love the environment that give us life and energy!


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