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Home, heart and happiness

Friday, May 07, 2010

I have been asked countless times about rising property prices: "When are they going to drop?"

Last year, I forecasted the rise in property prices, but I never indicated when would be the best time to enter the market - because I did not know. 

All things move cyclically. Life moves in cycles and when you understand this, you will be able to enjoy the process and not merely endure it. 

A simple yet sophisticated concept of yin and yang demonstrates the core context here. The good and bad, alpha and omega, black and white - and finally the up and down.  

Often, my clients complain about fung shui remedies that at times do not work and the desired outcomes remain unfulfilled. But such remedies are not a solution for mental stagnation problems and psychological motivation will be important for you in the search for action or solutions. A high confidence level will win you the relationship you seek and an increase in confidence itself can cure sickness. 

If you're in a bad life cycle right now, be patient because all good things come to those who wait. But do not get me wrong and do nothing about it. You ought to exhaust all means to get to where you are heading and have faith in it.  

What we need in order to thrive in today's world is a massive shift in consciousness, a change in our awareness, a renewed respect for all living beings and a deeper understanding of the interrelatedness of everything. 

What we need on this planet is not only material things but also the process of shifting consciousness, increasing spiritual awareness about our lives, planets and the very Mother Nature that gave us birth and feeds us. 

We need to shift from selfishness and cynicism to love and care.  

Choose to be happy because happiness is a state of mind and, like all states of mind, it manifests itself in physical form. 

Looking at the current trend and basing my prediction on the metaphysical techniques, property prices are likely to dip in the summer but the real drop will be in 2012. 


A matter of face

Friday, March 05, 2010 

"To examine a person, we must first examine his heart; to examine his heart, we must first examine his face."

So said Chan Pur, a famous face- reader from the Song dynasty. 

Face and palm readings, as well as aura and vocal energies, are used to analyze and predict a person's destiny.  

Often requiring the rare ability to read subtle energy forces, these unique observational techniques are still practiced today.  

The ancient Chinese believed that the face you are born with will reflect your heart and thoughts.  

We know that much of communication is nonverbal. When we communicate with our peers, we often don't need language because we share a common body language. 

Humans inherit certain traits and attributes from their parents or ancestors. Our height, weight, skin and eye color, and voice are affected by genes.  

We can see certain patterns emerging and the cycles of the universe repeating itself. 

Face reading tries to capture such patterns and predict future events that may occur in a person's journey through life.  

For instance, those born with thick eyebrows will more often than not have parents with thick eyebrows. Eyebrows, like any other area of our face, are closely related and affected by the functionality of our body parts and organs, especially the kidney.  

So those born with thick eyebrows are said to have strong, or healthy, kidneys.  

Fung shui practitioners also believe that men with thick eyebrows have very active adrenal glands, causing them to be more active, aggressive and have a higher sex drive than those with fine eyebrows.  

As such they are not content to have sex with only one partner and are likely to stray. 

Women with thick eyebrows are considered aggressive and focused on the larger picture. They don't have the patience for details and are weak in fine work. 

A few thousand years of Chinese face reading have been backed up by science.  

Western psychology has determined that our thoughts act as an electrical wave that radiates through the skin and into our body parts and organs.  

Over time, such conditions will filter through and certain structures and patterns will emerge, as our cell memory is formed.  

This will be reflected on our faces.  

A person who works outdoors and is constantly exposed to the elements, for example, will logically have rough skin as opposed to an office worker.  

Quote of the week: When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.


The essence of time

Friday, February 26, 2010

 Time never stands still. The ancient Chinese believed that as the Earth's magnetic field constantly moves in harmony with planetary bodies, energies related to the time dimension also change.

For instance, Saturn and Jupiter come into a new alignment every 20 years and it changes magnetic field forces. In fung shui, these changes are believed to filter down to Earth and to humans.  

That's why the element of time is crucial in fung shui.  

No person enjoys good or bad cycles forever, whether in their personal or working life. 

Different cyclical patterns of energies have different strengths and weaknesses, depending on the relevant time. So pick the right moment and you will maximize your opportunities. 

Take the American experience in the current economic downturn. Property prices are dropping and negative equity is rampant, a situation many Hongkongers experienced after 2001 and SARS.  

US asset values are shrinking and unemployment is rising, leading to widespread job uncertainty. Confidence is low, and many people feel discontented and lethargic. There are constant arguments among family members and health suffers.  

What can you do, you ask yourself. You're just caught in a cycle of bad luck. Stop and reorganize your thoughts and actions for a moment. 

US theologian Reinhold Niebuhr, who studied the state of happiness, concluded that contentment is determined by these factors: 

50 percent by DNA (fate determines your level of happiness); 

10 percent by external factors (fame and fortune); and 

40 percent by thoughts (perceptions, paradigms or mindsets). 

You cannot change your fate or external factors, but you can change your perception.  

If you want to feel happy, do so because it's all in the mind. When you feel happy, you radiate positive energy to those around you, and the returns will be overwhelming. It is entirely up to you. 

The current downturn will not last forever as things are always cyclical.  

What goes up must come down - and the good thing is, what goes down will rise again. It is just a matter of time.  

There is always light at the end of the tunnel.  

Thought for the week: Never overreact or fake humility in the presence of elders.  

Kerby Kuek has published three books on fung shui. He specializes in yin and yang fung shui, I-ching, life analysis and astrology.


Power of three

Friday, February 19, 2010 

Fung shui is based on three forces or energies. The first comes from the heavens, that is everything above the ground that is not attached to the earth - cosmic energy.

The second is earth or anything rooted to it.  

The third is related to living things, including humans. 

Put simply, fung shui is the study of how the interaction of cosmic, earth and human energies influence our living and working environments. 

An ideal home or office should satisfy the following three criteria: 

Good support from the rear, be it in the form of a hill, a mountain or a taller building. To be effective, the supporting structure should not be too far or too close. Proximity is a judgment call based on the topography of the area - for example, if you live on an island, you should look at the island as a whole. The same applies to a county, district or state. 

The support can manifest itself in backing from an elder, a superior, a business associate or your guardian angel. Without such support, you will lack social skills. Also when you are in trouble, you won't be able to get help quickly. 

Without such support, your relationships and your health may also be affected. Good support is necessary for good health. This makes sense since support from the rear protects our houses against strong cold gusts that come in from the back and make us sick. 

A bright hall or a water element in front of the premises is essential to harness wealth energies. Notice how coastal towns attract commercial activity, creating wealth. The ancient Chinese knew this and fung shui is definitely a study of the environment that has thrived for more than 3,000 years ago. As such, it is a time-tested method.

Such energies will come with opportunities and if your income stream is unstable, being ad hoc or based on commissions, such an element is essential to make your livelihood more diversified, if not more steady. 

Fung shui recommends good support from both the left and right sides of your premises.  

Such support need not be too high.  

They serve to deflect strong or unwanted wind or energy flow from the sides hitting your home and office.  

Thought for the week: Address elders by their proper title, not by name. 

Kerby Kuek has published three books on fung shui. He specializes in yin and yang fung shui, I-ching, life analysis and astrology.


Home and heart

Friday, February 12, 2010 

There are some fung shui no-nos for your home.

The house plan should be square or rectangular. 

Avoid having the front door face the stairs as this will drain your wealth. 

Also avoid uneven floor surfaces or steps to prevent accidents and for better energy flow. 

A messy garage is bad fung shui, so avoid clutter. Keep it clean, well lit and dry, and arrange tools in an orderly manner. All this will help funnel clear and kind energy to your house as you normally enter your house through this door. Keep a door light on from time to time in the garage to cleanse unkind energy. 

In home decor, avoid dark colors such as black and red as these carry too much yang or strong energy. 

Avoid having an open-plan kitchen or at least use a partition to filter the fire energy to the living room. 

Avoid using round shapes if you want peace and quiet as this shape signifies dynamism. On the other hand, don't use square or rectangle shapes if you do want dynamism and hustle and bustle in your home. 

Avoid having a kitchen that directly faces the bathroom, as it will create a clash between fire and water elements. 

Doors should not be taller than windows for easy air circulation. 

Avoid using downlights as such concentration of powerful energy intensifies your emotions. 

Bedrooms should not be too strongly lit. Dim lights here will contribute to the yin energy needed for everyone to have a good night's rest. Conversely, avoid dim lighting for hallways and the living room. 

Leave the lights in these areas on for the whole day from time to time. This is because the living room and hallway are the heart of the house that constantly pumps blood to the body, that is, the rest of the home.  

For health reasons, avoid having a toilet door directly face your dining table. Same goes for a toilet next to the kitchen or bedroom. 

Avoid having a wall mirror face your bed so your soul won't slip away at night - scared off by your own reflection. 

Triangular-shaped furniture items represent the fire element and must be avoided as they obstruct the flow of kind energy. 

Kitchens should not be done up in dark colors, as these lead to excessive yang energy. 

Avoid warm colors in the bedroom if you want a good rest. In the living and dining rooms, avoid cool colors. Warm colors here will provide strong energy and help family members communicate openly. 

Resist the urge to get too much furniture and make sure pieces are arranged in an orderly fashion. 

If your bed directly faces the door, your calm is lost. 

Don't hang any sharp object from the ceiling. 

Avoid having any cough suppressants on your bed or table because your subconscious mind is working very hard to prevent such things from falling down and you won't have a good night's sleep. 

Thought of the day: The mark of a true gentleman is the care and tact he shows to his parents.


Hero of the people

Friday, February 05, 2010 

Yang Junsong, who lived between the eighth day of the third lunar month in the year 834 till the 12th day of the third lunar month in 906, was a well known fung shui master.

He was also known as Yang Save the Poor because he left a life of privilege in the palace to fulfill his dreams of improving the lot of peasants through fung shui.  

Born in Jiangsu province, Yang was 17 when he passed the highest imperial examination and began working for the king.  

By the time the Tang dynasty ended decades later, Yang was 45 and frustrated with the rampant corruption in government, high taxes and the poor living conditions of the common people. 

He decided to leave the palace, taking with him many works on topography, geography, hydrology, and several other precious ancient works, including Guo Pu's imperial writings. 

He moved to Chang'an and spent his life researching and applying fung shui techniques. With him was his first disciple, Zhang Wende. 

Yang traveled far and wide, even visiting Hong Kong.  

Grand Master Lau Rui Shan, founder of metaphysics school Xuan Kong Zhang Pai (of which I am a disciple), discovered two of Yang's works written on tombstones in northern Hong Kong in 2004.  

Despite his travels, Yang was very attached to Jiangxi province and many believe that the Jiangxi sect of fung shui is closely linked to him. He placed great emphasis on landform, or topography, in applying his fung shui theory.  

Yang died after he was poisoned at the age of 72. It is believed that the king may have had him killed.  

Among his other famous disciples were Liu Jiangdong, Liao Yu, Lai Puyi and Liu Qian. 

His famous works include Trembling Dragon Scripture, Suspicious Dragon Scripture, Du Tian Treasure Scripture, Green Capsule, The 12 Commandments of Burying Techniques, Heavenly Jade Scripture, Master Yang's Golden Content Scripture, The Diamond Shaped Burial Map, The Fu Li Cone and The Black Bag Scripture. 

In defiance of imperial ruling, he openly applied and published books on his fung shui techniques. I believe that is why most of his texts used cryptic and metaphorical descriptions - to avoid open confrontation.  

It was said some of the ancient works Yang took from the palace were written by fung shui masters, but he never names them in his works.  

That has given rise to a controversy among scholars and fung shui practitioners regarding the authenticity of Yang's fung shui techniques.  


Home truths

Friday, January 29, 2010 

Is fung shui magic? The straight answer is no. No legitimate practitioner will tell you they can perform miracles.

Think how ridiculous it would be if you're a heavy drinker and smoker and still believe fung shui can improve your health. 

Can you earn a living without going to work? Can your business venture succeed without the proper attitude, hard work and business acumen? What fung shui can do is create synergies that attract opportunities conducive to enhancing your health, wealth and happiness. 

Should a home always be bright? 

Sunlight is the essence of life, bringing yang energy to your home. Too little of it encourages yin energy, which causes lethargy and passive feelings. 

However, as with everything in life, too much of anything is not good. You want the right balance. 

We need more yin energy at night, especially when we are asleep. Balancing yin and yang may require matching colors or curtains, wallpaper and furniture.

 Too much clutter 

When our homes start getting messy, our solution is often to move to somewhere bigger. But the clutter remains. You can clean a room many times, but if you do not remove the clutter, it will continue to carry negative energy. Clutter produces excessive unkind energy, especially yin. 

The ancient Chinese believed that stagnant old energy hinder the inflow of new, kind energy. Before using fung shui, you need to clean the home to remove this stagnant energy. 

Front door facing the staircase 

A main door directly facing a staircase is not conducive to holding on to your wealth. Many of my clients in the United States have such homes and are invariably plagued by such difficulties. 

So avoid such a design if possible. If you can't, place a plant with big leaves and at least a meter high to prevent the outflow of energy.  

There is a logic to this: you don't want the flow of energy from upstairs to flow directly out the door. 

Clarification: The tomb sites mentioned last week are not just in Hung Fa Leng. They can also found in other mountains such as Tai Mo Shan and Kai Kung Shan.  

Thought of the week: Sibling harmony is a sign of filial piety. 


Way of the dragon

Friday, January 22, 2010 

Old tomb sites are good places for sensing the power of ancient fung shui. One such area is Hung Fa Leng peak in northeastern Kowloon.

This famous site has many traditional dragon points, identified from auspicious formations such as the Woman Kneeling Posture, Seat of Immortals, Qilin Spit Book of Jade and Thirsty Horse Drinking Fountain.  

This forceful and gigantic parent mountain is known as Hong Kong's Pioneer Dragon. The location of this mountain is similar to that of the mainland's Pioneer Dragon, or Shanhai Pass, created as a result of a volcanic eruption.  

According to fung shui calculations, the dragon starts from Wudong mountain in Shenzhen, flows through the gap between Sha Tau Kok and Sheung Ling She, and forms the peak at Hung Fa Leng. 

So this makes Hung Fa Leng the heart of Hong Kong, as well as its jugular. If it is destroyed or changed in any way, the fate of the people of Hong Kong will go under as well. This is a serious matter as a country or territory is often protected by its parent hill.  

You can see the liveliness of such gigantic movements from Hung Fa Leng peak.  

Its location is doubly auspicious because its northern part overlooks Tai Pang Wan, while the southern part overlooks Tai Mo Shan - an alignment that satisfies both yin and yang principles.  

Hong Kong's Pioneer Dragon was a restricted zone under the British as it was on the border between Hong Kong and the mainland, and used to be guarded by the Royal Military Police.  

After the handover in 1997, the area came under the police force.  

No longer a restricted zone, it is now a popular hiking spot, so you can go and see for yourself ancient fung shui in action.  

Thought of the week: There is family order when the older children look after their brothers and sisters and the siblings respect that. 

Kerby Kuek has published three books on fung shui. He specializes in yin and yang fung shui, I-ching, life analysis and astrology.

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