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Law of order

Friday, June 04, 2010

Western han scholar Dong Zhongshu, in his tome Chun Qiu Fan Lu, or Luxuriant Dew of the Spring and Autumn Annals, wrote about the importance of harmony between heaven and humans and how any deviation would violate that.

Humans have 365 minor bones, matching the 365 days in a year, and 12 major ones, matching the 12 months of the year. Our skin is like the earth's surface, while our blood vessels are like the rivers, oceans and mountains.  

Our happiness is like a summer day, anger a cloudy day or autumn, joy like spring, sorrow like winter. The body's wu zhang, or five major organs, relate to the wu xin, or the five elements, while our limbs match the four seasons.  

This systematic wisdom handed down by the ancients means that fung shui is neither superficial nor superstitious.  

The concept of yin and yang is also embedded in our lives. We wake up in the morning, when the yang is predominant, and we go to sleep when the yin suffuses the air. Women represent yin and men yang, just as the sky is yang and the earth is yin. 

Based on this knowledge, the ancient Chinese were able to devise predictive tools to conquer the unknown. They knew that unkind energy is often the result of a violation of the cosmic or natural law, while kind energy flows from the natural order of things. 

Put simply, auspicious events result when energy is flowing naturally, while inauspicious events occur when there is a violation of the natural law or a disruption in the interaction between humans and heaven. 

That is why the Chinese emphasize filial piety, because it means not just respect for the elderly but also respect for mother nature and a world that gives us life and energy. 

Thought of the week: Use every moment to think the purest thought, say the kindest word and do the noblest deed. 

True masters

Friday, May 28, 2010 

A good fung shui practitioner should not only master the laws of topography and gua but also adhere strictly to righteous or heavenly laws.

You can master fung shui principles and maneuver the setting of your house to maximize your chances of fulfilling your needs and wants (become healthier and richer), but you violate the heavenly laws at your peril. 

These are reflected in the laws of man, which legislate against people who steal, kill and sabotage for short-term gain or gratification, leading to pain in the long run.  

A good fung shui master will not help people involved in illegal activities.  

For instance, a robber with a good luck pillar can ask a fung shui practitioner if he should go ahead with his plan to rob a bank.  

A skillful master would know that the good luck pillar would probably result in the robbery being successful.  

But he will advise the robber against the crime and instead, steer him away from criminal to legal endeavors. 

Confucius younger brother Yian Chu Ji was a robber, but the sage transformed him.  

That is leading by example, preaching what you practice and practicing what you preach.  

Quote of the week: Be a light unto the world, and hurt it not. Seek to build, not destroy.


2012 syndrome

Friday, May 14, 2010 

The world will end in 2012. That's what movies and books are saying, the following books in particular - The Mayan Factor: Path Beyond Technology, Maya Cosmogenesis 2012, King of Terror 1999 and Book of Nostradamus.

Is this a repeat of the Y2K scare or will it be a self-fulfilling prophecy? 

Ask scientists and they will tell you nothing will happen in 2012. Giant solar storms predicted for 2012 will probably cause some interference with satellite communications but such cycles are normal every 11 years. Again, no big deal. 

But hang on.  

In Chinese metaphysical analysis, 2012 signals an unusual event for the earth. The heavy water element would cause three main events:

 A unprecedented flood that would lead to horrific consequences such as outbreak of diseases. 

The structure of the earth could be badly eroded. 

Dramatic changes in the political arena, especially in Hong Kong and the mainland. 

I do not dare to predict further here. 

The unusual weather is a result of the environment or Mother Nature being exploited or damaged. 

Remember that humans live in accordance with the four seasons within certain parameters of comfort zones. This comfort zone would change in 2012 and beyond due to changes in the weather. 

How you react to these changes depends on your personal fortitude. As humans can adapt, this should not be a big problem. 

Beyond that, however, we should start thinking about loving the environment and caring about our community more. Our passion and love for living things should not be eroded by economic development and vested interests. 

In another translation, the volatile weather will affect the property market. So for those who are thinking about buying, this is the time to do it. But analyze your own luck or financial ability before making any decision. 

Relax, the world will not end in 2012 but be prepared for a rollercoaster year of diseases and political upheaval. 

Thought of the week: Love your family, your community and, above all, your country.


Riding the tiger

Friday, November 27, 2009

 Cosmic changes alter the flow of energy to living beings at all times. The energy can be favorable or unfavorable depending on your date of birth and the year you are in.

The coming Year of the Tiger, which begins on February 4, seems to have an auspicious ring, it being, according to the traditional Chinese cyclic calendrical system, the Kang or Golden Tiger.  

Do not be deceived. It will be an abnormal year, especially in terms of the weather.  

The melting of icebergs in the North Pole will escalate. There is a danger of drought and food shortages. A devastating earthquake in the West is indicated and road accidents are likely to increase dramatically everywhere. 

Group One: The most fortunate are those born between August 8 and November 9. They can expect positive energy and be secure, happy and content. 

Group Two: For people born between November 10 and February 3, positive energy will provide warmth and security. 

Group Three: Those born between February 4 and March 3 are likely to feel lethargic all the time but have to be constantly on their guard against negative energy. Be patient: things will get better in the autumn. 

Group Four: The effect on people born between March 4 and May 3 will not be negative. Those who worked hard last year stand to enjoy the fruits of their labor. 

Group Five: Those born between May 5 and August 7 are the worst affected because strong fire energies fueled by wood will drain off energy and dull your performance at work. So take a break, slow down, spend more time with the family or go back to school or take some short courses. 

Thought for the week: What your parents dislike is not necessarily good for you.


Children of the stars

Friday, November 20, 2009 

As I said in my earlier column, fung shui can be used to channel the kind of energy that creates good behavior in children.

Being a father myself, I'd like to remind parents not to put too much pressure on their offsprings to perform well, either in their studies or behavior-wise.  

Such pressure can have a negative effect. Children are not robots. They can break down, so keep them happy. They will find the direction most suited to them in good time.  

We are living in Period 8 (from 2004 to 2023), so we should note that Star 1 is in the west; Star 2 northeast; Star 3 south; Star 4 north; Star 5 southwest; Star 6 east; Star 7 southeast; Star 8 center; and Star 9 northwest.  

Rebels without a cause: Rebellious children can pose a problem to themselves, parents and teachers. The Five Elements theory offers ways to drain off aggressive energy and put them back on the right path.  

With Star 7, which can influence aggression levels in children under 18, holding sway in the southeast, place blue or black fung shui items - rugs, doormats, curtains, ornaments, sofas, chairs - in your home's southeast section to dissipate such energies.  

Farewell to sickly childhoods: Stars 2 and 5 can combine to bring sickness, so take no chances and institute preventive measures. 

Place metal elements such as plates, bronze coins or a music box in the correct locations to drain off excessive earth energies that bring sickness. 

Ties that bind: Stars 1 and 9 can combine to generate loving feelings for parents and the elderly.  

Place water elements - a cup of potable water or water plants - in Star 1 locations and red items in Star 9 locations.  

Smart in all the right places: Every home has a spot that is best for scholarly pursuits and parents looking for an edge should locate this Man Chong position, which changes every year.  

The Man Chong Star 4 is found in the south this year and in the north next year. Place four bamboo plants in a vase of water in such locations to bring forth such energy. 

Thought for the week: Make your parents anxious and you hurt only yourself.

 Home in on child needs

Friday, November 13, 2009 

This week and next I will focus on how fung shui can help children by channeling positive energy to them.

Different house orientations offer unique sets of fung shui stars. I can only indicate the 20-year and annual fung shui cycle of star locations since I do not know the exact orientation of your house. 

In Period 8 (from 2004 to 2023), Star 1 is in the west, Star 2 northeast, Star 3 south and Star 4 north. For the exact position of the Flying Star over its annual cycle, please refer to my website or book. 

Star 4 governs children's concentration, especially in schoolwork. In Period 8, this star's location is in the north sector. To determine the yearly location, please refer to my website or book.  

Like Star 3, Star 4 is also of the element of wood, according to the Five Elements theory.  

To generate more of such energies, you can place water plants or a cup of clean water in the appropriate location, as water creates wood.  

To improve academic performance, you need to combine stars 1 and 4, as both need to be strengthened to achieve the desired outcome.  

Placing water or water plants in the star positions of west and north will improve your child'sschool work. 

Star 3 governs the proactive qualities of children. To strengthen this star, you should place a water element in the south.  

Be aware that Star 3 also governs gossip and unwanted attention. So such energies must be properly balanced. 

Star 3 also governs children's behavior, especially of those below 12. If your child is hyperactive, this aggressive energy should be drained. Since this star is of the wood element, according to the Five Elements theory, you need to counteract it with fiery red fung shui items, such as a wooden horse, carpet, pink curtains or any other red ornamentation. 

Thought of the week: Do not overlook small matters, no matter how tedious they are, and seek your parents' consent.


Nighttime harmony

Friday, November 06, 2009

In bedrooms, you should emphasize yin energy more than yang because rest is the realm of the former.

Color plays an important role. Light blue, light green, light beige and pastels should be your choice. Avoid dark blue, flashy red and black because they carry too much yang energy. 

The color of the ceiling, walls and floor must be harmonized to provide a soothing environment. Good ventilation is also important. 

Avoid having anything like a crossbeam above your head when you are in your regular sleeping position and avoid sleeping directly under a window, as it will cause headaches. Our subconscious mind is constantly working during the nights to keep us at our best. Exercise equipment, plants, computers, televisions and entertainment sets are said to bring in yang energies, so keep them out of the bedroom. 

We spend much of our time in the bedroom. It is estimated that people spend 45 minutes reading before going to sleep for six to eight hours. 

Placing your bed diagonally in the room is almost always the most suitable arrangement according to fung shui principles. This is to avoid the clash of energy that can come from having your head or feet face the doorway when you are in your favorite sleeping position.  

So take the time to check your bed position and make changes if you must. 

Clutter not only prevents good energy from flowing, it will also block hallways and small bedrooms. Clutter in general carries old, unwanted energies. So get rid of them. 

A mirror in the bedroom is believed to cause relationship problems. This is not true. But it could give you a fright.  

Imagine waking up in the middle of the night without a light and seeing yourself in the mirror. The reflection might scare you. So never place a mirror directly facing your bed. 

Extremes can destabilize. Too much space can make you feel insecure, especially if you are alone; too little will make you feel congested and disrupt your sleep. A good life begins with a good rest so make sure the right energies are in play in the bedroom. 


Choose your seat well

Friday, October 30, 2009 

Fung shui is a valuable tool at the workplace. It helps increase sales, lift morale, boost productivity and induce kind energies. It also increases self- esteem and confidence and thus raises your success rate.

Your seat should face the door 

Since we all need support, any opening from behind is deemed as a leakage or a loophole interfering with that support. If the door is at the back of your seat, you may find it difficult to have the support of your superiors and your work may require constant corrections or amendments. If you do not have a choice in where your seat faces, cover your chair with a yellow or brown shirt and place eight white stones beneath your seat. Make sure they are arranged properly. 

Behind your seat is a mirror 

This is essentially the same as having the door at the back of your seat. The mirror also serves as an absorbing tool to attract kind energies like water. But since the mirror is just behind you, it will drain your energies. You will feel muscle pains and become lethargic most of the time. 

The I-ching 

The I-ching is our everyday activities. Things are required to be systematic or in a pattern to exist, and such behavior is documented in a proper manner. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Summer is hot while winter is cold.  

All these can be explained by using ancient Chinese yin and yang and the five elements - wood, fire, earth, metal and water. A practical fung shui master will explain their findings in two ways - the theoretical and the practical parts.  

There may be times when you cannot see logic in the explanation, and your doubt is acceptable.  

But there are no secrets in fung shui, only the inability to explain. Such ignorance is hurting the promotion of the essence of fung shui, or Chinese metaphysics, for that matter. 

Thought of the week: Obey your parents and respect your siblings, be careful with what you say and honor your word.


A delicate balance

Friday, October 23, 2009 

It's hardly surprising many career- minded women find it hard to strike a balance between family and work. Fung shui can help bring harmony to the equation. Women should note that modern living and designs are partly to blame due to the cool and high-tech blend of colors and furniture settings. These colors and settings may weaken the relationship or romance stars.

Avoid unwarranted relationships 

In Period 8 (from 2004-2023), the sector that governs the relationship star is in the west. Avoid placing an empty vase in your home's western section. Doing so will lead to what the Chinese term as "wild" or "poisonous" relationships. 

Keep your husband from straying 

If your husband is having an affair, examine and analyze the root of the problem. To help prevent a triangular relationship from developing, place four bamboo plants or other potted plants in western sections. Your choice may depend on what is available or practical, but these items drain off the energy from the relationship stars that can cause the problem. 

Want to start a new relationship? 

If you are alone and want to have more male friends or start dating, then your bed or office desk should face the West. Additionally, place red or pink items there to strengthen the relationship energies. 

Want to get married? 

Of course, you need to be dating or have a steady boyfriend in order to get to the next stage - marriage! If you are eager to get hitched, try this: in the northwest section of your home, place any pair of male and female dolls with red or pink colors - Mickey and Minnie will do! You can also place a photo of you and your boyfriend in a red or pink picture frame.

 Family planning 

If you are planning to have a baby, place green and red items in the northwest sector of your home to strengthen the energy flow of the ninth star that governs in such matters. But if you are trying, on the other hand, to avoid getting pregnant, choose brown or yellow items to drain off the energies. 

Fostering better relationships at work

In your workplace, you can place a small water plant or a cup of clean water in the western section to help cultivate better relationships with colleagues. Doing so will also decrease the chances of misunderstandings and office politics. 

Bear in mind that there is embedded in your date of births secret codes of information about your romantic possibilities that you can use to enhance your love life at a particular time and place. 

Thought of the week: The first ones to suffer from our mistakes are our parents 


Filial Piety does not have to end at home

Friday, October 16, 2009 

The teachings of Tao often place great emphasis on individual values and virtues. The gifted individual is often suitable to lead a family, an enterprise or a country.

But the true Taoist also has a filial respect for the elderly and, in a broader context, the family, friends, the human race and even enemies. From that respect springs virtues such as camaraderie, trustworthiness and justice. 

Filial love, of course, begins at home. This sentiment is fairly universal and cuts across all cultural, philosophical and religious differences. The family harmony fostered by a healthy sense of filial piety can serve as a social pillar and even be a catalyst for a larger unity and a solution for modern ills such as a mounting divorce, suicide and homicide rates. 

But that basic level of filial respect counts for little if one adopts a confrontational or belligerent stance to everyone else outside the family.  

The inherent dangers of that approach demands that, in the interests of survival, an enlightened individual understands the larger social conditions that made his social position tenable and uphold the common interest.  

When an individual has learned to listen to a group that is larger than his family and to uphold their common interests, he is ready to lead company, an enterprise, a small community and the like. 

But one of the highest expressions of this piety is to a large community, a country. One only needs to look around the world to see the consequences of part

isanship, corruption and wicked rulers.  

At the other extreme is the example set by US President Barack Obama, who has tried to mend fences between his nation and the Muslim world - which earned him a Noble peace prize recently. 

On a smaller scale but no less significant are the philanthropic actions of corporate leaders such as Li Ka-shing, Warren Buffett and Bill Gates. Their devotion to the larger good is the highest manifestation of filial piety to a world that sustained them and made their success possible after all.  

Fung shui is about harnessing the benevolent energies and avoiding the malignant ones to create harmony among family, community and country, thus being filial changes your luck. 

Thought of the week: The inner heart should be devoted to our parents' will. 


Accentuate the positive

Friday, October 09, 2009 

The official Month of the Dog is from October 8 until November 6.

Trouble stars Two and Five are located in the North sector. The combination, together with Life Pillars Analysis, resulted in chaotic events such as the flu pandemic and rioting in Urumqi. 

If your main door is facing north, place silver, blue or gold doormats to block the malignant energies. Travel south to harness the benevolent energies. 

Think of One and Two.  

One of my calligraphy teachers recently wrote four words in Chinese, which when translated into English mean "think of one and two."  

To understand its meaning, we first examine another common Chinese phrase, which in English means: "Out of 10 events in the journey of life, you will encounter eight or nine obstacles on a normal course."  

"Think of one and two" is an admonition to focus on positive factors in handling predicaments.  

For a better understanding, we can relate this to the maxim "think of the glass as half full rather than half empty." It may feel easier said than done, but you won't feel the difference if you don't even try. 

It is true that things will always turn out right when you hit rock bottom. Keep persisting. Learn to be a happy person. Love your family and care for your friends. Reorganize your thinking and act positively, whenever possible.  

Try strengthening the relationships you have and you will come out a stronger and much better person. In good times, prepare for the testing times and welcome them when you come across them because the worst will soon be over.  

Do not ask me when things will turn around, just "think of one and two"! 

Thought of the week: Love people and associate with nice and kind people 


Predicting lifes journey

Friday, October 02, 2009 

Chinese metaphysics embraces five streams: mountain, medical, predictive, life and cacial.

The mountain stream is associated with geography and its practice includes Ham and Yu, with the former relating to the sky, heaven or anything above the ground and the latter to plateaus, hills, mountains and anything below ground. Ham also involves astrology while Yu is linked to the energies which permeate our environment. 

Fung shui developed as ancient metaphysicians strived to harness the multiple energies of the environment and harmonize them with human life.  

Traditional Chinese healing practices, called Central Medical, involve a system of integrated theories. This unique system, the main goal of which is disease prevention, diagnoses patients through observation, inquiry and smell, and uses herbs, acupuncture, massage, qigong and diet. 

The ancient Chinese used a variety of predictive systems to forecast the future. Still in use today, these schools include Man Wong Gua, Miu Fa Yik Sou and Kei Mun Tun Kap, and many more. They are used to determine auspicious or inauspicious times for actions and events.  

Such predictive systems see the pattern of life's events as being shaped like a bell curve and, as such, certain situations are bound to reoccur. 

The theory and practice of analyzing these repetitive patterns on life's path have been passed from generation to generation for 4,000 years.  

These methods can help track an individual's life journey and identify patterns of auspicious or inauspicious energies that may lead a person to make critical decisions in life or face positive or negative situations at certain times.  

Face and palm reading, as well as aura and vocal energies, are also used to analyze a person's current situation and predict their destiny. These unique techniques, which demand the rare ability to read subtle energies, are still practiced today.  

Thought of the day: Parents brought us up and there is no reason for us not to take care of them when they're old. 

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