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Tao the eternal line       

Friday, September 03, 2010

Tao is variously defined as the way, the path, the truth, reason or moral order.

However, Lao Tzu says the Tao that can be given a name is not the eternal Tao. Also, such a name, if given, is not the eternal or everlasting name for Tao.

Try this on for size: once we ascribe a name to, let's say, a cup, then everything else is "not-a-cup!"

We are required to see things with the heart and not merely with our eyes.

The teachings of Tao will eventually lead us to love and do things in accordance with the natural way.

Han dynasty scholar Dong Zhongshu used the term Unification of Tian (heaven) and Ren (human) to describe the natural movements of planets. He said the universe and Earth's very structure embodies the principle that all humans are meant to co-exist harmoniously.

The sun rises every morning to wake us up and provide life-giving sunlight to all beings. The moon rises on time each night, signaling a time of rest.

The sun will not rise in the west and set in the east, neither will the moon change its course. They are not temperamental and will never be late.

The ancient Chinese interpreted this as trust and called it the Tao of Heaven.

Likewise, humans and all living beings must not act against the Tao of Heaven by destroying the environment that we live in.

The Tao of Humans requires us to mimic the heavenly law of Tao by trusting naturally. 

Confucius' teachings say the Tao of Humans is reflected in the five virtues of benevolence, justice, rituals, knowledge and trustworthiness.

In other words, this "path" shows the way to following the spirit of righteousness and filial piety.

Chinese metaphysics is based on such principles and parameters to help human beings function properly and morally.

The responsibility lies with the practitioners of Tao, as success in promoting the ancient arts will only be as much as they allow it to be.

Thought of the week: Nobody can go back and start again, but anyone can start today and make a new ending. 


Pillars of industry

Friday, August 27, 2010

Throughout the years, the question "Am I in the right industry?" has been constantly thrown at me. To be honest, I do not know!

The reason is simple. Your expertise determines the right industry.

The critical question is: what are the forces determining your expertise? That will put you in the right cycle of kind life- pillar energy. If your life pillar is good or in the right cycle, then you are most probably in the right industry.

If you are in the bad cycle of life pillar, you can seek the right remedy by looking at the kind and unkind elements for clues. Avoid going into the unkind- element sector and search for the kind element in the right industry.

It is not easy to explain in a short article just what is your right element. However, you can refer to the five elements of the industry that you are in.


Any industry related to teaching, as teaching requires verbal skill, which, in the Eight Trigram teachings, is regarded as Dui Gua. This includes finance, mechanics, cars, trucks, jewelry, music, science, martial arts, law, accountancy, metal and iron work. This sector is good for people born in spring.


This includes education, stationery, publishing, clothing, timber, furniture, gardening, paper, printing, politics, invention, writing and medicine. This sector is favorable for people born in the autumn.


Logistics, fisheries, sailing, transportation, travel, wholesale, lifeguard, fireman, cleaner, supermarkets, reporter, nurse, detective and merchandiser. This sector is good for people born in summer.


Mining, agriculture, funeral parlor, farming, religion, buildings and construction, stone and glass industry. This sector is good for people born in winter.


Lights and bulbs, energy, plastics, chemicals, oil, electrical, computers, make-up artist, military and law enforcement. This is favorable for people born in winter.

As you can see, this matching is based on nothing other than the yin and yang principle. But the above is only for reference because a profession might carry other elements.

For example, teaching is a metal element industry which also carries a little wood element since this is the education sector.

The sports sector is divided by guas. For example, the foot is key in soccer, so it is classified as a wood element, while badminton uses the hand and is an earth element.

Thought of the week: Those who are brave do not live very long, but those who are too cautious do not live at all.


Healthy investment choices

Friday, August 13, 2010

Investors looking for a decent return should consider the health-care industry as its prognosis is excellent for many years to come.

A great deal of that has to do with the mainland, where a booming economy is producing fame, fortune and the inevitable lifestyle excesses that follow in their wake.  

High blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol levels and heart-related diseases are just some of the ailments plaguing most of the rich and famous, even those who are in their late thirties or early forties.

It's only a matter of time before the nouveau riche realize that bad eating habits are causing these conditions.

When that happens, they will also be turning to specialists such as nutritionists as well as other practitioners who offer a blend of holistic and Western food and medicine, and so on.

It goes without saying that there will also be a heightened awareness of the need for greener living conditions, which augurs well for environmental protection.

So the health-care industry will boom, as will the services industry.

Southern comfort

The focus of mainland development over the next 20 years will be on the south and southwest.

Hainan and its tourism sector are well placed to reap the benefits.

Guangxi and its capital Nanning have the most potential for development, and Hong Kong stands to benefit because of our proximity. As for the east, cities along the Yangtze River will outshine others.

Invest wisely, and if you are in a lucky cycle, you will reap big gains!

Quote of the week: The best way to achieve your targets is to let go of your desires


Traffic lights in the sky

Friday, August 06, 2010

Scientists who understand the behavior of the sun can determine what effects the solar cycle will have on Earth in the future.

Solar activity can have a profound effect on the Earth's climate and biosphere and all living things. For instance, some studies indicate that sunspot activity could be linked to weather patterns on Earth and thus crops. 

Scientists have revealed a connection between solar activity and periods of heavy rain in East Africa. The findings show one way in which changes in the solar system environment can directly affect life on Earth. But the sun's effect on other planets will also indirectly impact the Earth.

The ancient Chinese believed that the planets' location in the sky as well as the specific time horizon would impact not only the Earth but also its living beings.

The Xuan Kong Zhang Pai school, of which I am a disciple, has gone one step further and found that the brightness and dimness of stars also contribute significantly to the world of metaphysics, especially in explaining the flying star movements. These principles works well during my encounters with clients and friends to determine the kind and unkind energies affecting their lives. Visit www.misterfengshui.com for more on kind and unkind energies.

The interaction of the brightness of the sun, moon and stars signals the energies generated to living beings and thus their life journeys.

The ancient Chinese relied heavily on the Big Dipper to find the energies. The Dipper has seven stars. A line through the two stars at the front of the cup and from bottom to top will point to the North Star. The brightness as well as the dimness of such stars act like traffic lights. A green light would generate kind or auspicious energy while a red light would result in a cycle of bad luck.

The brightness/dimness combination of stars determines our life's path. Find your traffic lights in life and make the right decision.

Thought of the week: Opposition without action to resolve is futile.

(features in Hong Kong Standard Newspaper every Friday) 


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