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Go with the flow

Friday, March 25, 2011 

The five elements of ancient Chinese metaphysics refer to the study of mountains, medicine, forecasting, astrology and facial reading.

But there is a caveat because once a name is given, say, to a cup, then everything else is not a cup. Another example is when water is in a bottle, it becomes a bottle; when water is in a bowl, it becomes a bowl. This is Tao.

The term fung shui in Chinese simply means wind and water, but wait - this is not so simple in ancient texts and applications.

Ancient scriptures use the broader term kan yu, which refers to anything above (sky and cosmos) and on the ground. So actually the term fung shui refers not only to wind and water, but to the formation of the universe.

The Tao is formed from darkness. Yin and yang emerged from that and formed heaven (cosmic sky) and earth, then male and female, and so on.

One can see that Tao is not about religion, it is more philosophical and theoretically oriented toward explaining the universe - as does kan yu and fung shui.

Many, especially those with religious beliefs, think that kan yu or fung shui is superstitious and would rather not talk about it. I've had a professor, a government minister and others refuse to talk to me about this, and I can't blame them because I was once a skeptic as well.

Twenty years ago, I was in the United States teaching martial arts to doctors, lawyers and accountants. Their enthusiasm and interest toward Oriental arts was intense.

A student came to talk to me about fung shui. Being young, I tried to change the subject by saying to him that this was superstition.

I can still remember seeing the frustration and anger in him as he replied: "How can you simply disregard your 5,000 years of Chinese heritage?"

I was shocked by his remarks. He then went on to elaborate that fung shui is nothing but a study of the environment and our surroundings - we are all involved whether we like it or not.

So do not belittle fung shui, just go with the flow.

Thought of the day: I do charity not because I have plenty but because I know what the needy do not have.


Guiding principles

Friday, March 18, 2011 

Chinese metaphysics can offer many insights into life and how to live it.

High-rises offer no more than views

To tap into a dragon's breath, a high- rise building is neither conducive nor receptive to such energy. High-rises only come up with nice views and our harbor views are among the best in the world!

Female dominance

To strive for a balance is hard in today's ever-changing world. Women want equality but the shift in the social paradigm and priorities will result in late marriages and an unwillingness to raise families. That is a hard fact.

Mountain meridian spots

A real meridian spot is normally a peak or hill that is unique to that particular site and space. Hong Kong has mostly mountains and hills with little flat land, so it has many good meridian spots.

The Ghost Month

It is believed that the seventh month of the lunar calendar is ghost month, during which many people are unwilling to move house. But according to ancient texts and beliefs, the only day you aren't supposed to move is the seventh day of the seventh month, instead of the 14th day.

Seat of knowledge

The Chinese University was built after all the others but it will soon outshine all of them due to fung shui that embraces beautiful mountain greenery in a valley. Chinese University's man chong star is located at its Lady Ho Tung Hall.

The Polytechnic University is like a solid fortress that produces only a stable flow of energy. A solid mountain backs the rear of Hong Kong University. But its man chong star is to be found on the south side, especially at Queen Mary Hospital, and that will last for another 100 years.

San kei 

San kei is a form of yin fung shui. The idea is to tap into future wealth and health. But one must bear in mind that this method is like a credit card that gives you an advance on your future wealth and health for current gratification.

Change your fate

In order for us to change our destiny and fate, one must be free of desire and cultivate good deeds in our communities.

Dining and fate

Having auspicious food will not change your fate, contrary to what many practitioners advocate. Nevertheless, how you drink and dine dictates your upbringing.

Penholder mountains

Forms and visible structures are an important aspect in fung shui. Mountains in the shape of penholders are said to radiate and permeate kind energy - especially scholarly energy. Therefore, any flat or house that faces Beacon Hill will have an advantage over others.


Remedies for the Rabbit

Friday, March 11, 2011

Here are some fung shui remedies for the Year of the Rabbit.

First, you have to know the three most important areas of a home. They are:

The bedroom. This room holds the key to a good rest, so it should not be too bright or yang energy will predominate over the yin and disrupt one's sleep patterns. Black and red colors should be avoided because they carry excessive yang energies. But light colors will help you cool off after a hard day at the office.

 The kitchen. The ancient Chinese placed a lot of importance on the kitchen because it is linked to the household's fortunes, so the bigger the family, the bigger the kitchen should be.

The living room. Being where the sofa is located, this room is also important for you to harness the house's energy, while you're either watching TV or reading newspapers.

The western section is the most unfavorable in 2011. Why? Because the Three Devil Spirits' unkind energy merges with the Nine Purple Fires, which is likely to cause uncertainty and turbulent kinetic energy, leading to fires and grievances. 

To counter such destructive energy, be careful not to do any renovation or even any drilling in the this section of your home. Instead place a small water fountain or fish in a small bowl to counter the bad influences. 

The eastern sector is key to one's well-being so a heavy metal, either a bronze or a silver, item is needed to drain energy that can make one sick. 

This year may see factors come into play that may be the catalyst for a mega outbreak of diseases in 2012, so don't take any chances with personal hygiene.

Wealth being linked to the northwest sector, it might be a good idea for you to place your box of valuables in this section. Or a piggy bank and a coin box will do. This will harness kind energy and tap into the potential for prosperity.

The northern section is linked to conflict and disputes. One can avoid them by placing a red carpet or red ornaments here.

The wisdom of Lao Tzu: the greatest skill is to appear to be clumsy. The greatest eloquence is to be seen to stammer.

Kerby Kuek has published three books on fung shui. He specializes in yin and yang fung shui, I-Ching, life analysis and astrology.


Kudos for Kerby

Monday, February 28, 2011

Thanks for the Fung shui for life column by Kerby Kuek.

He is able to provide us with a clearer and better picture of what fung shui is and is not! His works are the same as more commercial masters.

I've browsed through his website and found that he is more than a fung shui expert, he is well versed in life situation management.

Winfred Chen 


Some hard facts

Friday, February 18, 2011 

More pointers to the fung shui of places in Hong Kong.

Killing the dragon

Did you know that the Japanese almost destroyed the trunk of our Kowloon dragon during World War II?

They dug at least two trenches about half a meter wide and two meters long to make water flow toward their camp near Tate's Cairn Tunnel.

Luckily, the trenches missed the critical dragon trunk spot.

Otherwise that would have destroyed the entire fung shui of Kowloon.

No immediate prosperity

We need to work hard for a living - there's no free lunch and no short cuts.

Often, people mistakenly take the name for the double dragon meridian spot in yin fung shui as the term for "immediate prosperity," but it is not so.

Lamma is not ideal

I am sorry Lamma-ites, but the fung shui says it all. Think about it: it is the third biggest island in Hong Kong but has the lowest population (about 7,000).

The reason is that the southern dragon ends in Lamma Island, with little or no dragon breath left, and therefore is unlikely to breed more population. Most males will migrate. It is not a bad place for sightseeing, though. 

Ap Lei Chau has thin dragon breath

Being an island, it is not receptive to the funneling of the Aberdeen dragon breath. So though many buildings seem to have a nice view, they don't have good fung shui as certain criteria are not met. Ap Lei Chau is nothing special and so can create nothing special.

Heng Fa Chuen is injured

Heng Fa Chuen is unlikely to blossom because facing it are sharp edges. Such slashing energy is unkind and difficult for Heng Fa Chuen to shake off.

Hong Kong Island rose from Tsim Sha Tsui?

Many believe that Hong Kong Island was formed from Tsim Sha Tsui. If you look at ancient scriptures and research the site, you can see that it wasn't. Tsim Sha Tsui's rose finch energy sticks its tongue out toward the island.

Thought of the week: Look at life through the windshield, not the rearview mirror.


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Kerby Kuek has published three books on fung shui. He specializes in yin and yang fung shui, I-Ching, life analysis and astrology.  

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