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Bad move on Tamar

(Friday, April 09, 2010)

 Hong Kong can take pride in having one of the most efficient governments in the world and one of its freest economies.

However, all that may come to an end soon when the government moves its headquarters to the Tamar site next year or beyond.

The headquarters are currently situated on the backbone of the Peak Dragon trail, or the right meridian spot that diverts from Victoria Peak. This powerful site radiates the right energy.

But not so the new location.

The energy trail from the foothills of the Peak mountain range to the Tamar site is not pure or concentrated.

 Based on fung shui principles, it is a bad setting. 

The Tamar site is a "zhu que (rose finch) sticking out its tongue, 朱雀吐舌" which does not augur well for civil servants. 

We can only hope the administration does not end up being corrupt and incompetent. 

The principal negative effects of such a site include: 

1. A further deterioration in the trust between the government and the people; 

2. An alarming decline in the working atmosphere that will see grievances build up among civil servants to the point of animosity. 

3. A deterioration in Hong Kong's relationship with the central government. 

The orientation of the new site depends on the main entrance of the building. Let us examine which direction would harness the best energy in a bad setting and which would intensify ruinous bad energy. 

It would be best if the main entrance faces the following directions: 

West towards Sheung Wan; 

Northwest towards Tsing Yi; and 

South towards The Peak; 

The situation can only get worse if the entrance faces these directions: 

North towards Tsim Sha Tsui; 

North towards Lion Rock Hill; and 

East towards North Point; 

The government should take the potential consequences into account and design the entrance accordingly. 

Hong Kongers should also brace for changes, especially beyond Period Eight (2004-2023), as our younger generation will have to work much harder to stay competitive and have a better life.


The cycle of life

(Friday, March 26, 2010)

Chun qiu fan lu, or Luxuriant Dew of the Spring and Autumn Annals, is a huge tome on metaphysics written during the Western Han era (206 BC to 9 AD) by Dong Zhongshu.

Let us look at one key aspect of it involving the five elements - wood, fire, earth, metal and water. The cycle of creation is made up of these elements. 

The energy embedded between the sky (cosmos) and Earth consists of yin and yang, the interaction between the two resulting in the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter. 

Every phenomenon has its own pattern or path. If it follows the five-element creative cycle, it will have a positive and harmonious outcome. Chaos is created if it moves against the cycle. 

East represents wood, the base and source of natural produce. It is manifested in spring, which is when benevolence reigns. This is the beginning, the time to cultivate the five main grains, or staple foods. 

The creative cycle is of fundamental importance in both fung shui and agriculture as going against its flow will create havoc. Things should obey the nature of the Tao, or the way. Wood breeds fire in the cycle of the five elements. 

Fire is represented by the south, or early spring, when things are starting to grow. Wisdom is crucial during this period. Many fung shui scholars, well versed in cosmology, have to prepare for bad weather, or catastrophe.  

Well before crops start to grow, accurate predictions of the weather are needed to help minimize potential damage and are critical for disaster management. In this important period, loyal and helpful aides to the king can play a key role to ensure the country prospers in peace.  

Fire breeds earth, which is represented by the center. Here, honesty is crucial.  

To prevent disaster to yourself and abstain from criminal acts, you must strengthen mind and body to accept both victory and failure, having a firm and convincing ideology and a conviction led by loyalty and filial devotion. You must be able to adapt to circumstances. 

Earth breeds metal or gold, which is represented by the west. Here, justice is in command. Filial piety is the key here and applies not just to your parents but also to the king and the elderly. The rule of law and order should be adhered to both by the ruler and his people. 

Justice and incorruptible values should be placed above all and wrongdoings rectified or punished without fear or favor. 

Metal breeds water, which is represented by the north. Here, courtesy commands respect. This means the government should rule according to proper procedures and crack down on bribery. The teachings of Confucius reflect this value. An incorruptible official tames riots and appeases unhappy residents.  

Water breeds wood and the cycle continues. 

Thought of the week: The correct prayer is never one of supplication, but of gratitude.


Key to unlocking old mysteries

(Friday, March 19, 2010)

 The flying star discipline is popular in fung shui, especially as it takes into account time and science in its application. But what makes this method imperfect is that it only considers the mountain star (sitting direction) and water star (facing direction).

It does not consider all aspects - mountain, sha (earth), water and direction.  

Both the yang residential and yin residential flying star method looks only at the setting or orientation of the house, not its surroundings.  

For instance, the direction of the traffic on a road opposite a house indicates water direction and has an impact on the fortunes of the household, depending on the distance between the house and the road. The flying star system would never consider such a factor. 

The area of detection in the flying star method is not as precise as in the Xuan Kong Da Gua, or 64 Gua, method. The earlier method looks only at good mountain aspects, while the latter approach further divides mountains down into guas, or directions.  

It ascribes 2 guas (out of the 64 guas of a traditional bagua or eight-sided trigram) to every 24 mountains. Given that each gua is five degrees, this means one mountain is about 15 degrees. As the range is much wider in one mountain, the energy concentration is not as pure as in one gua. 

Some settings with good mountain and water aspects might still have bad fung shui because of bad gua energy, while opposite settings might have good fung shui because of kind energy. Practitioners of only the flying star method cannot explain this.  

Only 64 Gua practitioners can see the pitfalls.  

One instance indicative of the failure of the flying star model is that many descendants of people with tombstones with bad mountain and bad water settings still end up rich and famous.  

Take for example the late Wang Yung Ching, who was one of Taiwan's richest people. His ancestors' graveyard is situated in a bad mountain and bad water setting. It was built in 1958 with a Kang mountain orientation and Kap direction that, according to the flying star method, should be detrimental to the younger generation. 

But Wang's success tells us that the flying star model is imperfect. 

This has dampened the confidence of flying star practitioners. I was one of them until I learned the Xuan Kong Da Gua or the 64 Gua system. 

Quote of the week: All great discoveries have been made because of a willingness to be wrong.


Bearing on fate

(Friday, March 12, 2010)

The most important directions for the Chinese are always east or west. This is because the elements associated with east (wood) and west (metal) are solid base materials, while those associated with the north (water) and south (fire) are formless and linked to feelings and emotions.

East is made up of two characters, sun and wood, implying spring, or the beginning of life forces. The character for west looks like a bird coming to rest on the word for day, implying sunset or autumn. 

Chinese medicinal view 

South represents fire and the heart, north is water and kidney, east is wood and liver, west is metal and lung, while center represents earth and spleen. 

The heart pumps blood via organs to our body, the liver will determine our health, while lung will helps us maintain the balance of postures. 

The earth, or spleen, functions to maintain the life force from beginning to the end. 

Eating according to seasons 

Since spring is the beginning of the life force, people believed that we should consume five grains (rice, millet, soybean, red beans, wheat). 

Summer is said to bring out the heat (or yang energies) from our body to the outside, leaving our inner organs hollow. Thick soups serve to protect and reproduce yang energies internally. 

The ancient Chinese believed that all produce ripen in autumn, and condiments like soy and spicy sauces will add flavors that help our digestive system. 

As winter arrives, the body's yang energies submerge inside our body, as we consume more food and become less active. Liquor will help the energies flow better and keep our temperature at a steady level. 

Dining environment 

A pair of chopstick consists of yin (static) and yang (movement). When we use the chopstick, the part that is moving is considered yang and the part that is static is yin. 

The best shape for a dining table is round, as it is believed to promote harmony and tact. A round table, furthermore, shows no distinction of classes. 

Thought of the week: All people are special and all moments are golden.

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